Favourite Feminist Things

Here are a few of my favourite feminist things. They all make me feel fabulous and I wanted to share!

  • The Guilty Feminist Podcast

I discovered this podcast just before christmas and within 2 weeks had binge listened my way up to date. Deborah, Sofie and guest hosts cover a wide range of issues and topics, all maintaining a laugh out loud sense of humour. After all; unexpected laughter disrupts the patriarchy.

Find this podcast on itunes, or at guiltyfeminist.com. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • ‘On Wednesday We Smash The Patriarchy’ T-shirt

A strong mix of Mean Girls and feminism in a pink T-Shirt. What is not to love? I have training for Judo on Wednesdays so this seems even more appropriate.

Throw back to international women’s day, which was a Wednesday,  when I couldn’t wear this because I am awful at doing my laundry! Which leads nicely onto my next point.

  • My feminist agenda, aka my bullet journal

I’m a feminist, but my bullet journal is mostly about doing laundry and cooking… I think this is fun way to decorate my journal and it has started a few conversations with people who’ve seen it. Being vocal about my feminism is something that I am only now becoming confident about, this is a more subtle way of advertising my feminism, opposed to a hot pink T-shirt!

I love my bullet journal for so many reasons. Over the next month or two I would like to start a journalling series here on the blog to share my spreads and hopefully help anyone interested in starting a bullet journal so you too can have your very own feminist agenda!

  • My Silver ‘She believed she could so she did…’ Bracelet

This was a present from my Mum that she sent me before I ran the London Marathon in 2016. I have been so lucky to have a supportive mother, and so many other kickass female role models in my life. It means a lot to me, and the message reinforces that if I want something and work hard at it I can get it, even if sometimes I have to work a little bit harder because I am a woman, damn patriarchy!

The bracelet is also a Mobius strip which the maths geek in me loves. For non-mathsy folk that is a loop with a single twist in it.


I am interested in reading more feminist literature. What do you recommend? Books, podcasts and documentaries are all welcome. Also do you have any feminist favourites?



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