Exercise Log Spread

Here is to my first Bujo post! Yay.

I have been using a bullet journal for about 2 years now, and this is by far one of the most constantly used spreads, having used it consistently for the past 6 months with very little change in format.


I use my Exercise Log to track if I have been active that day, with a very brief description of the exercise, you can see my filled in spread above for examples. On days that I am not active I cross through the box, this allows me to at a glance see how active I have been. I am proud to say that I have got more and more active as the months have moved on!

I like this spread because it is simple enough to be easy to fill in. It is all well and good having a detailed exercise plan that you can track precisely, however I find that this spread gives me the motivation to get moving in the first place. Maybe as I get more into cycling I will create a spread to track my kilometers on the bike more closely and I will of course keep you updated, but for now this has worked the nest for me.

Since starting using this spread I have began to add any periods of time that I am away to the bottom of the squares, this means that I can see the reason that I was more or less active during that period. On the completed spread the red dates were my University Finals. Also I can add my weight in the top corner of squares if I am tracking my weight at that time. It is really cool how much information you can fit neatly and easily on a single spread with it still being useable.

Below you can find an empty spread ready for when I get back from my holiday in Berlin! If you do use this spread please tag me in a photo of it. My instagram and twitter handles are both @rozfrankie.


If you have any exercise spreads of your own I’d love to see them, please put a link in the comments below! Any other comments welcome too.


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