My Bedtime Routine

So everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is important. It helps your body recover and your mind to store everything away nicely. Struggling to sleep is one of the most frustrating feelings. I usually sleep quite well, but when I am stressed that all goes out the window. The best way I’ve found to get my sleep back on track is to commit to a bedtime routine. If you are having serious sleep issues then please go and see your doctor, these tips can only go so far.


Alarms aren’t just for the morning. I use an alarm in the evening to let me know it is time to put away the screens and start my bedtime routine. The first thing I do when the alarm goes off is to check my morning alarm is set for the next day and turn off all other electronic devices, like my laptop and ipad. I will switch my iphone onto the night shift mode and turn the brightness down too, because I might want to listen to a podcast later if I am struggling to sleep and I don’t want to blind myself with a bright, white light.

Setting the Scene

When my alarm goes off it is time to finish any small bits of housework left for the day and start the move into my bedroom. If I have any candles burning elsewhere in the house I will take these into my room. Also, I will crack the window open to cool down my room. I find it easier to fall asleep if I can really snuggle into the covers, opening the window at the start of my routine allows me to close it again before I go to sleep if I decide that it is a bit too cold.

I can leave my room to cool down while I finish the housework and complete my skincare routine.

I will make sure my room is tidy and take any extra pillows off the bed. I like to turn my side lights on, these along with candles make a very soft and relaxing light. I will also grab a glass of water to have on my bedside table for if I get thirsty in the night or for the morning.

Skincare Routine and Teeth

Now I will complete my skincare routine and brush my teeth. I don’t like to shower in the evenings because my hair dries funny! My skincare routine isn’t that interesting, I will usually just wash my face and if it is feeling dry moisturise. I am currently using my Yes To Tomatoes Moisturiser and switching it up between cleansers that I got in my most recent haul.

I have also been trying out Lush Sleepy body lotion before bed. I find it relaxing and I don’t want to believe that it is the body lotion, but I think I sleep a lot more solidly when I use it. To me it smells like Lotus Biscoff biscuits, and not heavily of lavender at all. I really like the scent and I have been enjoying it so far. I will write a proper review of Sleepy soon.

Lights Out

I try and complete my routine at a leisurely pace, there is no rush, but usually I can get everything done and be in bed within half an hour. When I am in bed if I feel like I will fall asleep instantly then I will blow out the candles and turn off the lights. If I am a little bit more restless then I will choose a podcast to listen too and set it so that when that episode is finished my phone will be quiet, or usually after half an hour it will stop playing the episode.

This routine has really helped me to get control back over my sleep and makes me look forward to bedtime! Is there anything in your bedtime routine that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments. Sweet dreams!


Accidental Haul

I went shopping yesterday for a new Suit. Although I failed to find a suit, I did pick up a reasonable amount of toiletries, and a few other bits too. I went into Birmingham today to see my friend Sophie and I managed to find a suit there, thank goodness.

Now for the haul, I have separated this into the shops where I got things from.

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Superdrug Haul

I am usually not one to do hauls, but since I have been living in the middle of nowhere over summer I have had little opportunity to shop and have found myself actually needing things! I have been visiting my friend Sophie from SopsBlog for the past few days, we went into Kingston and did some shopping.

These are all the things I have got from Superdrug.


Shower and Bath Soaks:

I have been working my way through my Lush shower gels and these caught my eye, especially as they were buy one get another half price and I love a bargain.

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Makeup Declutter

I am currently packing up all of my univeristy things to move back home, or rather travel and leave my stuff at home! As part of the packing process I am having a declutter, and my makeup collection seemed one of the more manageable places to start.

Quite a few of the items that I am decluttering are samples that I was given, usually by my mum. I am just not interested in most of these products, and some of them have been open for a little while with very little use. So I think it is best to get rid of them.FaceStuff

Also, I am getting rid of two of my old favourite moisturisers/skin treatments. My skin has changed a lot in the past few years. The Clearasil Ultra Overnight Lotion used to be one of my all time favourite products, that I just have no need for anymore, and it is probably past it’s expiry date too. The Garnier Moisture + Matte moisturiser I have repurchased once before. Now I much prefer the Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser, click the link to see my review of this! I am trying to move more toward cruelty free brands I wouldn’t repurchase these again.

I glossthink it is high time that I realise that I do not like lipgloss. I wish I did, but the stickiness is something that I just can’t get past. So all of these have to go. My favourite out of these three would be the Nyx gloss in Red Wine Truffle,  but it is darker and so took some care to apply it and would also bleed around the edges, so I wouldn’t recommend.

The other two are plumping glosses. Who knows why I decided this was necessary? I am perfectly happy with the shape of my lips. The taste of these is gross and the plumping ingredients would make my mouth feel funny, but have very little effect on my lips. I am happy to see all of these go. There is one Soap and Glory gloss and a Buxom gloss going.

More makeup that I am getting rid of is the ConcealterCollection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I heard great things about this on youtube and wanted to give it a go as it is affordable and supposed to be amazing.

The shade range is limited and I had to get 1-Fair and 3-Warm Medium to mix to get something that I could use, so actually I ended up spending over £10, albeit on twice the amount of product. I think that the formula is heavy, but the real issue is that it applies cakey. I can see that I am wearing it and I think it really emphasises the texture of my skin. Also It dries quite quickly and so is difficult to work with.

I feel a bit guilty for not liking this product because of all the hype. But it didn’t work for me.

Finally for makeup I am getting rid of a Nyx High Definition Blush in Soft Spoken. This was really powdery and got everywhere whenever I dipped my brush into it. Also the colour isn’t there, at all. I was hoping for a toned down highlight look, but I cannot see it on my skin at all, the beautiful pale, peachy pink in the pan sort of blends away to absolutely nothing.

As well as this I am getting rid of two Clinique eyeshadow sets. Both are purple, or purple undertoned, so it was easy to make my eyes look tired or dark.  I am not mad about the formula either, so these are going. I think that they were initially gifts from my mum as they come in the free gift from clinique and she doesn’t use eyeshadow. popcorn

I love Lush lip scrubs. The Popcorn Lip Scrub is one of my favourites, I like how it isn’t sickly sweet like some of the others. But this has dried out. I am getting rid of this and moving on to the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub that I got for 50% off in the boxing day sale, which is sickly sweet!

If there is anything else in this declutter that I haven’t gone into detail about, but you would like me too, just ask in the comments below! I hope that you find some of this useful!

I really recommend giving your makeup a tidy out. It has made me more excited to use the products that I have kept.

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser Review

As I am getting further into my 20’s my skin is definitely changing. I used to have quite oily skin and now it is more towards combination, with my T-zone still a bit oily at times, but quite normal on the rest of my face.

2202708The Yes To Tomatoes moisturiser is perfect for me. It feels light and soaks in quickly. On days when I am wearing makeup it creates a nice base for my makeup too. The smell is hard to identify, but inoffensive. I apply this to my face each time I wash my skin and so far I have really enjoyed the product. I think it lives up to the claims on the packaging. I have been using this for about 4 months already and I think that it will last me another 6 to 8 months, using almost daily.

I like that this comes in a pump, I think it is hygienic and means that I won’t struggle to get the last of the product out. However it is plastic and will need recycling, there is no way I can reuse the packaging.

This moisturiser does not contain an SPF. On days that I am going outside I will usually apply a SPF on top of, or instead of this moisturiser.

You can find Yes To at larger Boots or online for £7.99.

This is a cruelty free product.

Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub Mini Review

sukin-super-greens-detoxifying-facial-scrubI am on a roll with finishing products, and have just about got to the end of my Super Greens facial scrub. I have been using this for about 9 months and have enjoyed every last scrap of it.

I use this to break up my skincare routine, as I usually use Lush Angels on Bare Skin. This is a more abrasive scrub and I prefer it after exercise or if I had makeup on that day as I feel it is more efficient at cleaning my skin. It does leave my skin a little dry, but this is manageable and I moisturise anyway. I will take the slight dryness for how well it cleans my skin, and I don’t use it everyday anyway.

This smells herbal and rich. The scrub bits are made up from bamboo and jojoba beads so is free of plastic microbeads. It is also a cruelty free product.

I think I am going to try another product before I return to this one. I will keep you updated on whatever I try, but I am open for recommendations.

Are there any cruelty free facial scrubs that you recommend?

Soap and Glory – Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Mini Review

Empty and clean, ready to find another use.

This morning I finally finished my Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory. It has taken me about a year to get throught the whole tub, but I was only using it occasionally until about 2 weeks ago. The difference in the softness of my skin since I have been using it more regularly is noticeable, and I will continue to use scrubs more frequently.

The scent is lovely and sweet, while not overpowering. I think that it complements all of my other toiletries beautifully.

The scrub itself is quite coarse, with large particles of sea salt especially. It really gets the job done, without being too harsh. I have checked, and Soap and Glory do not use plastic microbeads, this as well as the products being cruelty free makes me really happy to use the scrub.smoothie_star_award

If I wasn’t trying to use up my backlog of toiletries then I would definitely repurchase this product.

Available from Boots for £8.