Investment Items

Last week I spoke about reusable makeup remover pads, and this week I thought I would continue along the same lines and discuss other items that I have invested in and that have saved me money in the long term.

The idea here is quite simple. If you are investing in something that will replace a disposable item, then that overtime will save you money. Also, if that item will allow you to live more frugally, then chances are that will save you some cash in the long run too. I have split this down into some broad categories. Let’s take a look.


I like to buy high quality, sometimes branded clothes whenever I can. I try to pick up my clothes during sales, or online to get the best deals. Better quality clothes will stand up to washing and if you decide you no longer want them they will hold a lot of their value for resale. This gives me the freedom to change my wardrobe at minimal cost, for just a little bit of effort.

When buying clothes I always try them on, and when buying online I check the returns policy. There is no point in having ill fitting clothes that you won’t enjoy wearing and that will end up just filling your wardrobe.

2016-03-03 17.41.18
You don’t have to buy brands, but it helps when you come to sell.

If you are a student, like me, then a lot of clothing shops do student discount, always ask if they will apply student discount on top of sale prices. Some shops, like Jack Wills, for example won’t give you student discount on top of sale prices normally. But their online shop will. You can try an item on in store and then buy it online to get the discount, but be aware of postage costs.

Overall I try to buy clothes that will all work together, as a not so small capsule wardrobe. Honestly, I don’t go clothes shopping all that often. I make the best of what I have and really consider a purchase if I need it.

A lot of what I have just said regarding clothes also applies to shoes. Good shoes can be resoled many times, a simple shoe care kit of some brushes and polish will keep shoes clean and help them to last you for years.

Clothes Airer

If you are a student and living in Halls, like I was last year, then you are probably going to have to use a laundry to wash your clothes. You can save on the cost of drying them by investing in an airer.

NB: A lot of Halls will say that you aren’t allowed one, but they don’t exactly come around and check. I’d judge it off what everyone else is doing, it’s your decision.

2016-03-04 09.05.59
My 3 tiered Airer. I can easily fit 2 loads of washing onto this

Now I live in a student house and we don’t have a dryer, there is no way that I am trekking down to the laundrette to use one. So I will use my drying rack inside the house during the winter, this is a lot more efficient than putting your clothes directly onto the radiator. Luckily I have a washing line outside, so I will use this during the summer months, and on days when the weather is changeable I will take my dryer in and out with the clothes on it to maximise drying time. There is also something lovely about having fresh dried clothes from outside.

Air drying your clothes is also much better for them in the long run as opposed to tumble drying them, the heat can really damage your clothes. Also this is better for the environment. So a win win.

Food Containers

Airtight containers are a must if you want to pinch the pennies in the kitchen. You can use them to store and freeze any bulk meals you make, help keep foods fresh and are good lunchboxes.

While the takeaway boxes will make do for a short while, if you want a better and more permanent solution, that you aren’t afraid of leaking your lunch over the inside of you bag, then some properly airtight containers are the way to go.

Personally, I like the clip lock style of container. Especially for lunches. I think that these stand the best chance of staying shut when thrown into my bag. In my house we also have a whole load of different size containers that we got from Ikea for £4 for the set. The smaller sizes are good for keeping halves of vegetables fresh, or for taking snacks into uni. The bigger sizes are great for freezing too.

As mentioned in my How I save money as a student post I also have a flask for hot drinks and a water bottle. I won’t go into anymore detail here, but go have a look at the original post.

Flannels and Pads

2016-03-04 09.07.06
Keeping it bright with my flannels

You guys are all well aware of how much I love my reusable make up remover pads. But I also love having flannels to wash my face with. Simple, but effective. Flannels replace any need I have for face wipes and I can change the soaps or cleansers I use depending on how my skin is. A flexibility that wipes just can’t offer.

Bag for Life

In my bag I always have a bag for life folded up and tucked somewhere out of the way. This is especially money saving now that there is a 5p bag charge in England. This is good for the environment and it makes walking back with heavy items, like milk or fruit a lot more enjoyable. No plasticy straps digging into my hands!


This is hardly an exhaustive list, and I’d like to know what investment items do you swear buy? Let me know in the comments.