Makeup Declutter

I am currently packing up all of my univeristy things to move back home, or rather travel and leave my stuff at home! As part of the packing process I am having a declutter, and my makeup collection seemed one of the more manageable places to start.

Quite a few of the items that I am decluttering are samples that I was given, usually by my mum. I am just not interested in most of these products, and some of them have been open for a little while with very little use. So I think it is best to get rid of them.FaceStuff

Also, I am getting rid of two of my old favourite moisturisers/skin treatments. My skin has changed a lot in the past few years. The Clearasil Ultra Overnight Lotion used to be one of my all time favourite products, that I just have no need for anymore, and it is probably past it’s expiry date too. The Garnier Moisture + Matte moisturiser I have repurchased once before. Now I much prefer the Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser, click the link to see my review of this! I am trying to move more toward cruelty free brands I wouldn’t repurchase these again.

I glossthink it is high time that I realise that I do not like lipgloss. I wish I did, but the stickiness is something that I just can’t get past. So all of these have to go. My favourite out of these three would be the Nyx gloss in Red Wine Truffle,  but it is darker and so took some care to apply it and would also bleed around the edges, so I wouldn’t recommend.

The other two are plumping glosses. Who knows why I decided this was necessary? I am perfectly happy with the shape of my lips. The taste of these is gross and the plumping ingredients would make my mouth feel funny, but have very little effect on my lips. I am happy to see all of these go. There is one Soap and Glory gloss and a Buxom gloss going.

More makeup that I am getting rid of is the ConcealterCollection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I heard great things about this on youtube and wanted to give it a go as it is affordable and supposed to be amazing.

The shade range is limited and I had to get 1-Fair and 3-Warm Medium to mix to get something that I could use, so actually I ended up spending over £10, albeit on twice the amount of product. I think that the formula is heavy, but the real issue is that it applies cakey. I can see that I am wearing it and I think it really emphasises the texture of my skin. Also It dries quite quickly and so is difficult to work with.

I feel a bit guilty for not liking this product because of all the hype. But it didn’t work for me.

Finally for makeup I am getting rid of a Nyx High Definition Blush in Soft Spoken. This was really powdery and got everywhere whenever I dipped my brush into it. Also the colour isn’t there, at all. I was hoping for a toned down highlight look, but I cannot see it on my skin at all, the beautiful pale, peachy pink in the pan sort of blends away to absolutely nothing.

As well as this I am getting rid of two Clinique eyeshadow sets. Both are purple, or purple undertoned, so it was easy to make my eyes look tired or dark.  I am not mad about the formula either, so these are going. I think that they were initially gifts from my mum as they come in the free gift from clinique and she doesn’t use eyeshadow. popcorn

I love Lush lip scrubs. The Popcorn Lip Scrub is one of my favourites, I like how it isn’t sickly sweet like some of the others. But this has dried out. I am getting rid of this and moving on to the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub that I got for 50% off in the boxing day sale, which is sickly sweet!

If there is anything else in this declutter that I haven’t gone into detail about, but you would like me too, just ask in the comments below! I hope that you find some of this useful!

I really recommend giving your makeup a tidy out. It has made me more excited to use the products that I have kept.