A Lush Hair Cocktail

As part of my March no buy month I have been trying to use some products that I haven’t been using regularly, but still have clogging up my bathroom cupboards.

So, I decided to really treat my hair. I gave my Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease a go. I only put this on the bottom 3 inches of my hair and tied it up into plaits to sleep overnight with it in. The smell is lovely, you can really smell the jasmine, but it isn’t overpowering.

In the morning I cleaned my roots using Trichomania which has a light coconut fragrance. I like Trichomania because it makes my hair feel really clean without getting dry and making my scalp uncomfortable.

After the top of my hair was clean I rinsed out the ends. To up the luxury of this hair treatment I put a small amount of American Cream through the middle of my hair. This helped to give the middle a bit more attention, but honestly was more to add that strawberry and cream smell into the mix.

My hair smells beautiful, the scents really worked well together. But also it is beautifully shiny and healthy looking. I will definitely try this again.