The Sunshine Blogger Award

Firstly a big thank you to Sophie from SopsBlog for tagging me. I really enjoyed reading her answers and I think she came up with some really fun questions that I have had a great time answering! Go and check out her answers linked above, they’re well worth a read.

Like for the Liebster Award I answer Sophie’s questions, write my own questions and tag other bloggers to answer my questions and so it continues!

I recently read a post about blogging awards on Paul McGinley’s Blog about Blogging awards. I think that they are more a fun tag sort of a thing than being an actual award and of course all exposure is great for anyone’s blog. I think awards like these help you to become part of the blogging community and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. His post was an interesting read and you can find it here.

Sophie’s Questions

1.What is your favourite treat?

I love fresh fruit, I can’t decide is strawberries or raspberries are my favourites. It’s mad because I can justify spending £3 on chocolate easily, but somehow it seems like a lot more money to be spending on fruit. Recently I’ve had to really work on not feeling bad for spending my money on fruit! But honestly I love it so much more than ‘naughtier’ treats, I love the taste and textures a lot more and not feeling unwell after, as I have quite a sensitive stomach and rich foods can really upset that.

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Harry Potter Tag

First of all a big thank you to Alice for tagging me. I will tag Sophie, who I know loves Harry Potter as much as I do! This tag was put together by Cassie, and it’s been really fun answering all these Harry Potter related questions.

What house are you in?

Ravenclaw, as any good geek should be! I mean, I have a maths degree it’d be weird for me to be in any other house really.

What is your Patronus?

Right, so according to Pottermore it’s a Newfoundland dog. I was not happy with this, I think anyone that knows me would agree that it should be a fox. I really love foxes.

What is your wand?

10 and 3/4 inches, Redwood with Phoenix feather core, rigid. Basically a stubborn persons wand and I can’t agree more.

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